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Hall of Fame Exhibits Visit Lyman Museum

Starting in November, 2002, two Hall of Fame koa exhibits will travel to the internationally renowned Lyman Museum in Hilo, Hawai`i, at the invitation of the Museum's directors. In part, these exhibits tell the stories in words and pictures of Big Island honorees: The Haili Church Choir (inducted in 2001) and Ray Kinney (inducted in 2002). Each three panel exhibit also features Hall of Fame inductees Genoa Keawe and Gabby Pahinui.

Lyman Museum Part of the Hall of Fame 3-panel koa free-standing exhibits that will be on display at Lyman Museum: Haili Choir (2001) ;(below) Ray Kinney (2002).

Special padded crating for the exhibits will be constructed by Martin & MacArthur, who regularly ship koa furniture off island. We have Lyman Museum to thank for a generous donation to pay for this project and its shipping, and the support given to us by the museum's CEO and Executive Director, Dr. M. Dolly Strazar..

Ray Kinney The exhibit for inductee, Ray Kinney (2002)

For those readers who may not know, the Big Island, especially Hilo, is a repository of Hawaiian history. Lyman Mission House, connected with the Museum, was built in 1839 and is the oldest frame building on the Island of Hawai`i. Lyman Museum, nationally accredited by the American Assocation of Museums, is well-known for its state of the art exhibits on the natural and cultural history of Hawai`i.

Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame is pleased to have this opportunity to share some of the products of its mission "to preserve, perpetuate and promote Hawaiian music and its history" with Big Island residents. Updates on this project will appear in future issues of "Ho`oha`i".

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