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Hawaiian Music Is Alive and Well!

By Anna Derby Blackwell

That's the neatest thing about being your new Editor/Executive Director: the awareness that "the background music of our lives" continues to sing in our hearts as we go about our daily chores. For instance:

  • Hawaiian music on the "overhead" in Foodland;
  • A letter to the editor of the Star-Bulletin saying how nice it is to have DLNR broadcast Hawaiian music at the entrance to the Diamond Head hike to the summit;
  • The new "Ka Makani" radio station format of "nahenahe" Hawaiian favorites, with former director Jaqueline "Skylark" Rosetti broadcasting all morning six days a week. It's made KINE back off on the louder contemporary junque as well!

In addition, we have many Hawaiian Music Foundation/Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame & Museum Board members actively involved in performing Hawaiian music:

  • President James Stone, Secretary John M. Derby, Sr, (former treasurer) Francis A.I. "Uncle Miki" Bowers, Jr. and Miki's son Doug Bowers are an important part of the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame Serenaders (see below) performing at Ward Warehouse and elsewhere. Director Elena Hollinger-Martinez organizes the Sunday concerts for Native Books Na Mea Hawaii (see back page).
  • Derby, Uncle Miki, Treasurer Debbie Taira, and Executive Director Anna Blackwell all sing with the Prince Kuhio Hawaiian Civic Club choral group.
  • Vice President Nola Nahulu is artistic director for E Mele Kakou, our sterling program to share the joy of making music - especially the Hawaiian music of Na Lani Eha, the four Royal composers - with gradeschoolers, so that they will grow up knowing the songs and culture of Hawaii nei. It is a source of great delight to know that Nola makes sure that each school's repertoire of Hawaiian songs includes at least one that sings of the area where their school is. This is pono indeed!
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