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The 200 Partners Sustaining Membership

The 200 Partners is a select group of individuals. Each Partner's quiet giving of $200 every year provides a firm foundation from which Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame and Museum can launch educational and community participation programs with impunity.

No ancillary benefits attach to this annual donation, except the personal satisfaction of partnership in empowering the organization to keep the promises of its corporate mission statement:

  1. to acknowledge the major contributions of composers, musicans and vocalists of Hawaiian music since 1837 when missionary, Lorenzo Lyons developed the Hawaiian mele as we know it today.
  2. to credit the influence of Hawaiian music all over the world.
  3. to emphasize the important role of music in Hawai`i's history.
  4. to promote and perpetuate the musical culture of the Hawaiian people.

We invite you to participate with us over the long term in building a vital new context in which to honor and celebrate Hawai`i's rich musical heritage and preserve it for future generations.

P.O. Box 4717, Honolulu, HI 96812-4717
Phone: (808) 372-8921
Fax: (808) 596-8680
Email: HMHF