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Who Are We?

"We" are all of you who are members, and have said, with your yearly donation of dues, "YES! I want to help celebrate the achievements of composers, singers and performers of traditional Hawaiian music by providing exhibits, performances and instruction for current and future generations."

"We" are a Board of twelve Directors who meet every month, and have done so for six years, to formulate the Goals and initiate the projects that will bring the vision of a permanent Hawaiian Music Resource Center into reality.

"We" are the dedicated and honored performers of our Advisory Board whose musical roots are imbedded in our Islands' unique cultural history; who prepare and present both large and small public concerts of songs telling stories of the Hawaiian people, their loves, their longings, their joys and their beliefs.

"We" are the members, school principals, music teachers, professional performers who bring Hawaiian cultural history alive for grade school children by teaching them the songs of Na Lani Eha, (The Royal Four) which identify "Hawai`i" in every country in the world.

"We", committed by donations and deeds to the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame vision, use the phrase E Hi`I poi E na makamaka po`okela to describe what we're up to: creating a new context in which to cherish Hawaiian music, its history and the gifted ones who made it.

Your dedication to preserving Hawai`i's musical legacy through your financial support is the "food" which nurtures our programs. Won't you join with us right now?

P.O. Box 4717, Honolulu, HI 96812-4717
Phone: (808) 372-8921
Fax: (808) 596-8680
Email: HMHF