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Haina ia mai....

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Bob Carvalho
Posted 12/27/05 at 5:12pm

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Haina ia mai....

In many Hawaiian songs the phrase 'haina ia mai ana kapuana' keep showing up. What does it mean and why is it used so often?

Auntie Maria
Posted 1/2/06 at 6:01am

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Ha`ina mai ana ka puana

Quoting from the Pukui/Elbert Hawaiian Dictionary, to ensure that you are getting the accurate explanation:

Ha`ina mai ana ka puana
Tell the summary refrain (this line followed by the refain is at the end of many songs or precedes the name of the person in whose honor the song was composed).

Posted 1/6/06 at 11:01pm

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Haina ia mai...


The phrase "Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana" literally means "tell the refrain" - less literally "and now my story ends". It frequently and traditionally begins the last verse of a song.

Aloha a hui hou,

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