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Te Tama Ma'ohi Lyrics?

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Posted 11/6/06 at 12:11am

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Te Tama Ma'ohi Lyrics?

Does anyone know the lyrics to a Tahitian song called Te Tama Ma'ohi? I am not sure who sings the song but I am a real fan of this song ever since a Tahitian group performed at a Tahiti Fete competition.

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Posted 11/27/06 at 3:11pm

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te tama maohi

I think i knw that song u talked about...... nonosina danced it @ the fete rite

Well heres the lyrics but it does need checking

Te oto oto nei
te manu o te rahi
e pehe no oe e te tama
toou fenua

ua riro i oe
mai te hoi fetia
note te rai e turamarama
toou ora'raa

o oe tau pii raa
tau feruriraa, e te mau mahana toa
o oe te riu o te ora'raa
te papa e vai nei
i roto i toou nei mafatu

aue te oaoa
ia oe te tama te tama maohi

i hope this helps

Posted 12/17/06 at 12:12pm

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te tama mohi

can anyone give me the english translations? :] it's such a beautiful song that I want to know what the meaning is in English. Thank you!

Posted 1/19/07 at 12:01am

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Te Tama Maohi

Who is the artist for that song "Te Tama Maohi"..?? i want to buy a cd

Posted 3/26/07 at 1:03pm

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tama maohi

could someone email me the translation and uke chords if they have. i love this song. nonosina did this ahuroa. it's beautiful. you can watch it on youtube.

Posted 4/4/07 at 9:04pm

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Te Tama Maohi

Te 'oto' oto nei the birds are singing
Te manu o te ra'i in the sky
Pehepehe no 'oe a chan to you
E te tama o te fenua the child of the land
ua riro ho'i 'oe You are
maite ho'e feti'a like a star in the sky
No te ra'i e turamarama lights up
To' u orara'a my life.

'O 'oe ta'u mihira'a I miss you
Ta'u ferurira'a In my thoughts
i te mau mahana ato'a Everyday
'O 'oe te niu o te orara'a You're the foundation
of life
Te papa e vai nei that remains
I roto i to'u nei mafatu In my heart
'Aue te 'oa'oa All the happiness
Ia 'oe e te tama To you child
E tama ma'ohi Polynesian child.

Hope it helps

Posted 4/17/07 at 11:04am

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lyric 411

is line 3 a typo?

Pehepehe no 'oe
a chan to you

is it suppose to be chain?

Posted 5/29/07 at 10:05pm

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Kon Tiki

The original "Te Tama Ma'ohi" was song by a group called Kon Tiki, then resang at Tahiti Fete by Mevina from Nonosina.

Posted 6/26/07 at 8:06pm

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is the song "te tama maohi" out on CD?

Posted 8/9/07 at 10:08am

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Te Tama Ma'ohi

The song was rearranged by Mevina (of Nonosina) and Kontiki (poly band based in SoCali) is usually the band that travels w/ Nonosina. However, the original writer/composer of this beautiful song is Tapuarii Laughlin. It's great to see our Polynesian people embracing all Polynesian music :) A beautiful thing!

Ia Manuia!

Posted 9/12/07 at 3:09pm

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Guitar chords...

OMGosh, the lyrics and translations helped so much. So now that I dont have to mumble it any more, lol. does anyone happen to know the chords for it on the guitar or ukulele!!! That would be helpfull as well. I love this song. If only I could play it, (mevinas version). Thanks and mahalo plenty!


Posted 10/18/07 at 1:10am

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te tama maohi

mevina liufau is the artist beautiful song

Posted 10/26/07 at 6:10pm

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this song is so beautiful..the girl who danced to it was NICE WIT IT...im trying to get some actions from her for our poly club at skool!! but keep up the WONDERFUL job!!! Jah Bless!!!

Posted 2/21/08 at 3:02am

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Is this song on a cd?...

Is this song on a cd? If so, does anyone know where one could purchase it? I would really appreciate it if I could purchase this song or any cd that it's on. Thanks a lot.

Posted 6/19/08 at 8:06pm

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Te tama maohi

yes you can buy it on Nonosina's myspace profile page. Jus go to myspace.com
and click on music and type in Nonosina
in the search engine.
You can buy their whole album or just the songs, they have a new album coming out soon to.
Hope that helps!

Posted 8/2/08 at 5:08pm

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response tanya

yah its a typo pehepehe means song or chant.

Keni Kaiwi
Posted 10/27/12 at 12:10am

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te tama maohi


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